Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with correcting the vicious position of the teeth using orthodontic dental braces.

Orthodontic disorders are common in children and teenagers. Parents should be very careful with their children’s teeth, guide them and teach them, since childhood, to take care of their teeth and to have proper diet habits so that they prevent resorting to various unwanted dental procedures later.

Orthodontics equally addresses aesthetics and functionality. Dental cramping and an incorrect bite are not only inaesthetic, but they also affect the teeth, the gums and the temporomandibular joints in time. A poor mastication may have unwanted consequences both on teeth, on the temporomandibular joint, on the masticatory muscles and on the health of the digestive tract.

The progress of technique in orthodontics allows today a spectacular, painless correction of dentomaxillary abnormalities, as well as of the unwanted dental migrations following unprotected dental extractions for a long time.

Orthodontics has no age limit. We may treat children from early ages, but also 50-year old adults. The earlier we deal with the issue, the more options we have.

In children, up to the age of 12, when all milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, orthodontic treatments with mobilizable devices may be applied. The success of these treatments depends greatly on the child’s cooperation and awareness when wearing the braces.

In permanent dentition, recommended appliances are fixed ones. These devices have spectacular results in correcting dentomaxillary abnormalities regardless of age, giving you a beautiful and healthy smile.

The progress of the technique in orthodontics now allows us to meet all the aesthetic requirements. From metallic devices glued to the vestibular facet of the teeth, ceramic devices, very aesthetic, made of materials that have the same color as the teeth, sapphire devices, almost invisible, with brackets made of pure sapphire, transparent, of exceptional hardness, to devices glued on the lingual facet of the teeth, completely invisible.