Endodontic treatments

Canal treatment

As regards teeth with repeated obturations or if the decay has already reached the nerve level, starting to give pains of different intensity – discomfort, more pronounced sensitivity than normal, at cold, warm, the pulsing sensation of the tooth affected by the decay, the tooth needs a canal treatment, both mechanically – to remove the infected nerve inside the dental roots, and by medication – to disinfect the root canals. After taking these steps, the dental canals are sealed with different pastes and with the help of special gutta-percha filaments.

Canal treatments performed in a timely manner prevent the spread of bone infections around the roots of the teeth and prolong the maintenance of the teeth on the arch for another period of time, depending on the reactivity of each body and the time of treatment.

The teeth with canal obstructions must be followed radiologically, every 6 months, a retroalveolar radiography aimed at that tooth to check the bone adjacent to the dental root and the lack of inflammation at this level.