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Welcome to City Dent Clinic!

We welcome you with a big smile and, together, we will go on the path of orofacial health. As part of our approach, we will formulate a diagnosis during our first meeting, followed by a treatment solution-plan.
Out of the wish to satisfy your requirements, our recommendation will materialize in multidisciplinary treatments provided by the team of our clinic.
We are looking forward to meeting you!


Dental restoration is the reconstruction of the shape of a broken, fractured or partially damaged tooth using composite or ceramic materials.


Dental implants are titanium alloy inserts that mimic the root of the teeth and are anchored in the jaw/mandible bone, providing support for the creation of a uni-dental crown or prosthetic works, restoring minimally invasive areas that are hard to restore by classical dental methods.


A beautiful smile is not always natural, but we can restore the glow of your smile through hygienic, whitening and aesthetic restorative treatments of high physiognomy so that you enjoy life every day with a smile on your face!

Dedicated doctors 

Are you looking for a dentist in Chisinau? Come to the City Dent Dental Clinic! We have an interdisciplinary medical team made up of experienced doctors, specialized in various fields of dentistry.

Personalized treatment plan

Each City Dent patient benefits from a careful analysis of the medical situation, as well as the appropriate recommendations, both in terms of treatment solutions and in terms of their cost.

Trusted partners

We use only the best materials for the work done in the clinic. We collaborate with experienced and renowned partners for ancillary services such as radiology, implantology, etc.

City Dent Team


Dr. Iulian Covalciuc

General Dentist

Dr. Igor Iacoveț

Dentist, dental-alveolar surgeon

Dr. Valeriu Hamuraru

General Dentist

Marina Stamat


Iuliana Garlean


Eugenia Marian



We invite you to discover the office where you will benefit from the best consultations and dental treatmentsogice